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Chalk Talk - Episode 227 8/22/15

August 22nd, 2015


This week on Chalk Talk it's all about the power of the sun and how you "plug" into it! Also, put on your cowboy boots and grab your hat because it's a yee-haw at the rodeo championships.

Listen in as host Andres T kicks things off talking about the New Mexico 4-H Rodeo Championships taking place in Albuquerque September 4-5 at Tingley Coliseum. Guest Richard Herrera a board member of the 4-H Rodeo talks about the [programs 4-H offers and gives a little detail on the kids competing in the state championship. Also, featured guests on the show is Co-founder of Sunport Don Hicks as well as Business & Marketing Julia Jones and they talk Sunport. Julia & Don talk about how a little device can demand the power of the sun just by simply plugging in! The Sunport looks to provide jobs locally as well as advance Albuquerque's tech scene. Back the Sunport today!

4-H Rodeo: 3:20
Sunport: 11:55

Chalk Talk - Episode 225 8/8/15

August 8th, 2015


This week on Chalk Talk: YOU STINK! And Fur Golf!

Join host Andres T on this week's Chalk Talk as he kicks things off talking about a stinkin' festival called the Stinking Rose Garlic Fest! Marc Calderwood with the Idalia Road Marketplace in Rio Rancho joins the show to talk about the festival taking place on August 15-16 as it's all garlic! A garlic eating contest, garlic growing seminars and more! Also on the show is featured guest Sara Garrigan Executive Director of the Watermelon Mountain Ranch Animal Services and she wants you to spend a day on the course for the animals! It's the first annual Fur-Golf event to benefit the ranch on August 24th. Register HERE. Andres also catches up with Sara on how the ranch is doing and the struggle of abandoned and dumped animals.

Stinking Rose Garlic Fest: 3:15
Watermelon Mountain Ranch: 14:55

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