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Chalk Talk - Episode 182 10/4/14

October 4th, 2014


An award winning haunted house and local food and flavors all in Albuquerque! Listen in! Follow on Twitter @AndresT23

Up on this episode of Chalk Talk, host Andres T talks with Executive Director Jeffrey Holland with the Endorphin Power Company joins the show to talk about the issue of substance abuse in New Mexico. The award winning haunted house called Haunted Scarecrow raises funds for the organization to help those in the community. Be sure you check out the haunted house an be scared! Also on the show, Augusta Meyers and Ann Simon with the Mid-Region Council of Governments of New Mexico join the show to talk about the multi-county governmental agency that is helping our region plan responsibly for the future, in light of anticipated growth in New Mexico's mid-region. With local food as part of the community growth initiative, the organization is hosting The 2014 Local Food Festival and Field Day which is an annual event highlighting local food and agriculture in the mid-region of New Mexico.

Endorphin Power Company - Jeffrey Holland: 3:50
Mid-Region Council of Governments - Augusta Meyers & Ann Simon: 11:15

Chalk Talk - Episode 133 10/26/13

October 27th, 2013


Episode 133 - On this show, Bill Dennis and Doug Williams of the Salvation Army of Albuquerque come on to the show to talk about how the Salvation Army positively impacts the community. They talked about the holiday season is fast approaching and how you can be help those in need. Also on the show, the scariest haunted houses in the US. All this and more:

Supernatural Overnight - Episode 7

June 13th, 2013


Episode 7 - Since Fredrick's death and return to life, a little hiatus for the SO duo was in order. Yes, Fredrick died and came back to life while Tommy celebrated by going on a vacation around the world. Well now that they are back in the studio, another exciting episode of Supernatural Overnight is in order! In this episode Tommy & Frederick talk about veginises and penginas along with the hermaphrodites, they talk about a man who converts his penis into a flute... weird you say? Listen now, it only gets weirder.  Let Tommy and Fredrick know what you are thinking at  and check out the webpage at

Supernatural Overnight - Episode 6

April 24th, 2013



Episode 6 - The seriousness supernatural debate continues in the April episode of Supernatural Overnight! In this episode Tommy & Frederick talk about ghost hauntings and how they affect our daily lives! They have special guest Topenga Mary Lincoln Todd Jefferson on the show to talk about her experiences of being haunted by a loved one... her goldfish who died of goldfish leukemia.  Let Tommy and Fredrick know what you are thinking at  and check out the webpage at