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Chalk Talk - Episode 200 2/7/15

February 7th, 2015


This week's Chalk Talk: Andres T talks about service dogs for wounded military veterans and Paws and Stripes. Also, it's the worldwide musical group sensation Up With People and their world tour!

Listen in to the 200th podcasted episode of ‪#‎ChalkTalk‬ as Host Andres T talks with Sean Baccoccini with Paws and Stripes about the 90-Day Duke City Challenge as well as how this nonprofit organization provides service dogs for wounded military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury through integrating service dog training and education with mental health support. Featured segment on the show is the musical group sensation Up with People! Ethan Brosnan & Linda Weil join Andres T to talk about the group's purpose which is a global education organization which aims to bring the world together through service and music world tour stop in Albuquerque and why you should go and see it at the Historic Highland Theater February 23rd - March 2nd.

Paws and Stripes: 2:45
Up With People: 13:35

Chalk Talk - Episode 198 1/24/15

January 24th, 2015


This weeks #ChalkTalk features guest Anthony Freeman Vice President to talk about Who I Am Foundation! Also, I talk about death of the Internet! Listen in!

First up on Chalk Talk, host Andres T talks about the death of the internet and how one Google exec believes it's in our near future. Also on the show, featured guest and segment is with Vice President of the Who I Am Foundation, Anthony Freeman joins the show to talk about the W ho I Am Foundation and how the organization aims to reach communities nationwide to make an influential impact in lives to create a sense of urgency in spreading this significant message, amongst other important issues within our communities. Take a listen!


Death of the internet: 4:30

Who I Am Foundation - Anthony Freeman: 8:30

Chalk Talk - Episode 195 1/03/15

January 3rd, 2015


On Chalk Talk This Week: It's National School Choice Week in January and Andrew Campanella talks about how schools of choice provide better education for children. Also, another "Cool Jobs" segment with Nationally Renown DJ Big Spade out of Denver!

On this episode of Chalk Talk, host Andres T brings in nationally renown DJ Big Spade aka Dr. Xclusive out of Denver, Colorado for January's "Cool Jobs" segment. DJ Big Spade talks about his career as a DJ and what it takes to be the best as well as what projects he has coming up in the ! Host Andres T plays a little game with DJ Big Spade called "Quick Questions" which include movies, sports, TV, music & random just to get to know him.
Also on the show, Host Andres T talks with President of National School Choice Week Andrew Campanella about the need and importance in having a choice in schools to provide effective education options for all children. National School Choice Week takes place January 25-31, 2015 and provides a platform for parents to take part in placing their children in the right school for them.

"Cool Jobs" feat. DJ Big Spade: 2:40
National School Choice Week feat. Andrew Campanella: 18:40

Chalk Talk - Episode 191 12/6/14

December 8th, 2014


This Week On Chalk Talk: Marine Corps SSGT Brian Marinaro talks about how you can help Toys For Tots, throwback interview with The Ultimate Fighter 20 competitor Heather Jo Clark, & some Christmas games and fun ideas.

This week on Chalk Talk, Host Andres T talks with Marine Corps SSGT Brian Marinaro about Toys For Tots and about how you can help a kid get a toy for Christmas. He also talked about the final push to collect toys from the community for the cause as well as the toy distribution. Also on the show, it's Chalk Talk Greatest Hits with an awesome throwback interview from earlier this year. We revisit The Ultimate Fighter Season 20 Competitor Heather Jo Clark interview from October. Her fight is coming up on December 12th so it seemed like a good idea to replay the interview. And great Christmas games and ideas for when the family comes in to town and you don't know what to do!


Christmas Fun & Games Tips: 3:25
Toys For Tots: 5:15
Heather Jo Clark: 17:45

New Mexico Motorsports Report - 11/22/14

November 21st, 2014


On The NM Motorsports Report, 11/22/2014: NAPA Auto Racing News Update for the Week of December 16, 2014. Kevin Harvick wins at Homestead for his 5th of the season, And the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship. Is this NEW Chase format going to stay? Ryan Newman finishes the season SECOND in points, Did NASCAR dodge a “Bullet?” Matt Willis, Motorsports Journalist for, joins the show, 2014 NASCAR season highlights and lowlights. Either Hamilton or Roberg will win the F1 title this weekend. Mercedes will finish the season 1 – 2. Tom McKean, F1 writer for, will join the show. Ecclestone has finally lost it, find out how – this time! Tune-in, Call-in and Join in the Fun, On ESPN Radio 101.7 FM every Saturday.

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Chalk Talk - Episode 187 11/8/14

November 13th, 2014


On Chalk Talk this week: Actor, Director, & Writer Tony Severio joins the show along with Actor Christopher Severio to talk movies, TV and more including Chris' role in the upcoming hit movie "Greater" the Brandon Burlsworth story.

Father and son duo Tony and Christopher Severio join host Andres T on Chalk Talk to discuss film and where it's headed in America. Christopher has made several small part and film appearances including stunt work, Chris appeared in his father film, Rugaru, as the supporting character Blake. The film stars Randall Oliver and Joe Estevez. Tony has ventured into the realm of television. Having created a character that he has successfully marketed, he has appeared three times on the hit outdoor show, Lip'em & Rip'em on NBC Sports. His portrayal as the comedic Bubba Survivorman is hilarious and contagious. Chris talks about his role in the upcoming film "Greater" which is the story of Brandon Burlsworth, possibly the greatest walk-on story in the history of college football.

Chalk Talk - Episode 186 11/1/14

November 1st, 2014


On Chalk Talk this week: The Rio Grande Valley Blue Star Mothers pack for troops around the world & Actor/Producer Chris Ranney talk film industry in New Mexico and around the country.

President of the Rio Grande Valley Blue Star Mothers Carol Sanchez joins the show to talk about the BSM organization and their mission to provide support for active duty service personnel, promote patriotism, assist Veterans organizations, and are available to assist in homeland volunteer efforts to help our country remain strong. Local Actor & Producer Chris Ranney joins Chalk Talk to talk about the film industry in New Mexico as well as what is going on around the country with TV and movies. Chris Ranney is a consummate actor of thirty-five years and a dedicated producer who has worked on over 250 films, TV shows and radio productions. Chris has appeared in films such as "$5 a Day" starring Christopher Walken and Sharon Stone; "Fright Night (2011)" starring Colin Farrell and David Tennant; "La Vida Robot" starring George Lopez and Jamie Lee Curtis. Chris has also had Guest starring roles on AMC's award-winning hit series, "Breaking Bad" and A&E's "Longmire".

Carol Sanchez - Rio Grande Valley Blue Star Mothers: 2:35
Actor & Producer Chris Ranney: 11:35

Chalk Talk - Episode 185 10/25/14

October 25th, 2014


The Ultimate Fighter Season 20 Competitor Heather Jo Clark joins Chalk Talk to talk about TUF and what her future holds in MMA. Also, respected Triathlete and Iron Man John Gentry talks about his story from rock bottom to success.

Listen in to Chalk Talk as the show is rocking with respected triathlete John Gentry talks about his rock bottom to success story. He talks about how his addiction brought him to hit rock bottom but life was turned around and now is in the best shape of his life being an athlete and Iron Man competitor. With John, Tim Baca talks LyfeStart LyfeCenter-Albuquerque and how you can become healthier! And featured guest TUF 20's "Hurricane" Heather Jo Clark on the show to talk about TUF journey and about what's to come for her! Heather takes you into a deeper look into The Ultimate Fighter, her fight with Felice Herrig during the show and her MMA outlook! Listen NOW!

John Gentry: 2:44
TUF’s Heather Jo Clark – The Ultimate Fighter: 14:50

Chalk Talk - Episode 179 9/13/14

September 13th, 2014


ABQ CiQloVIA on the show to talk Walk, Ride, Play. Also, STEPS ABQ talk economy and Albuquerque International Festival!

Listen in as Chalk Talk with Andres T on ESPN Radio 101.7 FM The Team is podcasted! Valerie Hermanson and Dan Majewski with ABQ CiQloVIA join the show to talk about Albuquerque’s 1st ever CiQloVIA event. This event is where some streets in ABQ are closed to vehicles and opened up to people on foot and bike, outdoor exercise classes shopping, live music, and other activities all taking place on Sunday September 21st . Also on the show, Martha Doster of Martha’s Body Bueno talks about an organization called STEPS ABQ which helps strengthen the local economic base while helping start and grow businesses in the Albuquerque Area.  Martha also talks about the Albuquerque International Festival which fosters the STEPS ABQ initiative.

Martha Doster – STEPS ABQ: 3:06
Valerie Hermanson & Dan Majewski – ABQ CiQloVIA: 13:56

Chalk Talk - Episode 178 9/6/14

September 6th, 2014


Cine Magnífico. Albuquerque Latino Film Festival/Instituto Cervantes Albuquerque on the show as well as Museum of the American Military Family talk about Telling Albuquerque!

Listen in as Chalk Talk with Andres T on ESPN Radio 101.7 FM The Team is podcasted! Milly Castaneda-Ledwith with Cine Magnífico. Albuquerque Latino Film Festival and Instituto Cervantes Albuquerque on the show to talk about the 2nd Annual Latino Film Festival taking place September 12-14, 2014. Also on the show, Caroline LeBlanc Writer in Residence of the Museum of the American Military Family talk about Telling Albuquerque which is a production put together by cast members who have served in all branches of the military and their stories are transcribed and shaped into a play script.

Caroline LeBlanc - Museum of the American Military Family/Telling Albuquerque: 2:50
Milly Castaneda-Ledwith - Cine Magnifico/Instituto Cervantes: 16:11

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