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Chalk Talk - Episode 347 1/09/16

January 9th, 2016


This week on Chalk Talk: Technology to reduce head related injuries including Chronic Traumatic Encephalopothy (CTE) and it's start up in #‎ABQ‬. Also, It's that time for baseball and little league is always on the mind with the 50th Anniversary of one league in Albuquerque.

Listen in to #‎ChalkTalk‬ on ESPN Radio 101.7 The Team Live every Saturday morning 7:30am in Albuquerque. This weeks show kicks off talking about baseball season and President of Lobo Little League Damon Maddox joins the show to talk about the 50th Anniversary of the local league as well as how they are successfully combating the sluggish signups across the country. Parents can sign their kids up for the upcoming 50th season Right here.  Featured segment is about how one Albuquerque company is fighting back against head/brain injuries. Pressure Analysis Company - PAC CEO Michelle Urban joins to talk about a product that monitors impacts and the benefits of monitoring the impacts on a youth, collegiate and professional athletic level. Michelle explains it's current real time use with the professional indoor football team, the Duke City Gladiators. Listeners can get their hands on this technology by visiting

Chalk Talk - Episode 213 5/9/15

May 9th, 2015


This week on Chalk Talk it's ‪#‎BiketoWorkDay‬ in City of Albuquerque. Also, "Rally for Riley" charity basketball tourney to help 13 year old fight cancer. And it's the "Movie Buzz"... did you see Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Host Andres T kicks the show off talking about the "Movie Buzz" and what you can expect at the box office this summer! First guest is Chief Deputy with the Bernalillo County Sheriffs Department Sid Covington joining the show to rally the community to help a young 13 year old by the name of Riley fight brain cancer. It's the "Rally for Riley" Charity Basketball Tournament and Riley needs your help. Featured segment on the show is Bike To Work Day in Albuquerque. May is National Bike Month and what better way to take part then to join in the City of Albuquerque's Bike to Work Day on May 15th. Chuck Madagodie BTW Coordinator joins the show to talk about how you can join in the festivities!

Movie Buzz: 3:50
Rally For Riley: 7:50
Bike To Work Day: 15:45

Chalk Talk - Episode 195 1/03/15

January 3rd, 2015


On Chalk Talk This Week: It's National School Choice Week in January and Andrew Campanella talks about how schools of choice provide better education for children. Also, another "Cool Jobs" segment with Nationally Renown DJ Big Spade out of Denver!

On this episode of Chalk Talk, host Andres T brings in nationally renown DJ Big Spade aka Dr. Xclusive out of Denver, Colorado for January's "Cool Jobs" segment. DJ Big Spade talks about his career as a DJ and what it takes to be the best as well as what projects he has coming up in the ! Host Andres T plays a little game with DJ Big Spade called "Quick Questions" which include movies, sports, TV, music & random just to get to know him.
Also on the show, Host Andres T talks with President of National School Choice Week Andrew Campanella about the need and importance in having a choice in schools to provide effective education options for all children. National School Choice Week takes place January 25-31, 2015 and provides a platform for parents to take part in placing their children in the right school for them.

"Cool Jobs" feat. DJ Big Spade: 2:40
National School Choice Week feat. Andrew Campanella: 18:40

Chalk Talk - Episode 189 11/22/14

November 22nd, 2014


Up on Chalk Talk this week: It's Global Entrepreneurship Week and Albuquerque is recognized. Also, Thanksgiving is near and many go hungry. St. Felix Pantry of Rio Rancho on to talk about how you can help the hungry.

Tune in as host Andres T talks with featured guest Director of Development with the City of Albuquerque Gary Oppedahl about Global Entrepreneurship Week and the special connection with Albuquerque. Topics include how to become an entrepreneur, what Global Entrepreneurship Week is doing in Albuquerque and Albuquerque's plans to become the most entrepreneurial friendly city in America. Also on the show, guest Rev. Dr. Jack Bunting with the St. Felix Pantry joins to talk about the rising hunger issue in New Mexico and how our community can come together to help fight this problem.

St. Felix Pantry - Rev. Dr. Jack Bunting: 3:18
Global Entrepreneurship Week ABQ - Gary Oppedahl: 12:25
Thanksgiving Tips: 27:15

Chalk Talk - Episode 179 9/13/14

September 13th, 2014


ABQ CiQloVIA on the show to talk Walk, Ride, Play. Also, STEPS ABQ talk economy and Albuquerque International Festival!

Listen in as Chalk Talk with Andres T on ESPN Radio 101.7 FM The Team is podcasted! Valerie Hermanson and Dan Majewski with ABQ CiQloVIA join the show to talk about Albuquerque’s 1st ever CiQloVIA event. This event is where some streets in ABQ are closed to vehicles and opened up to people on foot and bike, outdoor exercise classes shopping, live music, and other activities all taking place on Sunday September 21st . Also on the show, Martha Doster of Martha’s Body Bueno talks about an organization called STEPS ABQ which helps strengthen the local economic base while helping start and grow businesses in the Albuquerque Area.  Martha also talks about the Albuquerque International Festival which fosters the STEPS ABQ initiative.

Martha Doster – STEPS ABQ: 3:06
Valerie Hermanson & Dan Majewski – ABQ CiQloVIA: 13:56

Chalk Talk - Episode 170 7/12/14

July 12th, 2014



On this show, Tim Baca with LyfeStart LyfeCenter-Albuquerque will join the show to talk diet, health, & being active. And how to start on the path with Lyfestart! Also, Mike Gonzales w/ Cafe Bella Coffee & Shelby Smith w/ CrossFit HellBox will join to talk about the Melissa Varney Benefit Event at Cabezon Park and how you can help this young lady get a new heart!

Chalk Talk - Episode 160 5/3/14

May 3rd, 2014


On this episode of Chalk Talk host Andres T has Executive Director of the New Mexico Games Fred Hultberg on the show to talk about the biggest collaboration of sports in New Mexico that kicks off in a couple weeks! Also, Howie Kaibel on to talk about Yelp Albuquerque, why you should sign up, and the great Yelp-Tropolis event you need to be at showcasing plenty of sights, bites, sounds and sippable delights that test the laws of modern man in Albuquerque on May 8th! Tune in

Chalk Talk - Episode 156 4/5/14

April 5th, 2014


Chalk Talk is on podcasted now so Listen as I have Routes Bicycle Rentals & Tours on to kick off "Get Out Explore ABQ" segment and talk how you can explore ABQ in a fun way! Also, Team intern Michael Burt on again to talk final four basketball! Listen

Chalk Talk - Episode 155 3/29/14

March 29th, 2014



Listen to the latest episode of Chalk Talk with Andres T on ESPN Radio 101.7 FM The Team as this show is loaded with guests including Jackie Cooke on to talk about Albquerque Ride for Kids 2014, also Dustin Berg on to talk about Global Opportunities Unlimited, Inc. , and TEAM intern Michael Burt on again to talk broken dreams and brackets as the Sweet 16 comes to an end. Listen!

Chalk Talk - Episode 149 2/15/14

February 15th, 2014


On this episode of Chalk Talk with Andres T on ESPN Radio 101.7 FM The Team, host Andres T talks with Shelby Smith for City Council about the upcoming elections in Rio Rancho & how he intends to move the city forward! Also, it's the "Movie Buzz" February edition! Click and Listen in!

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